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Fun on the Farm

We're all about good old-fashioned fun on the farm! We want you and your kids to run, laugh and play in a fun safe environment. We offer all kinds of different activities on the farm to keep you and your children smiling.


Jump Pad


Jump Pad 

Kick your shoes off and Jump, bounce and hop your way across our giant Jump Pad! It's great for all ages, adults included! 


Gem Mining (Sold Separately)

Mine for gems, arrowheads and fossils on our giant, wooden sluice. You won't find this experience just anywhere so make sure you take advantage of it!

Cow-Train Rides

Cow Train

A friendly Homestead driver will safely zoom you & your little ones around an open field. Kids can't get enough of this bumpy ride! 

Wagon Rides (Saturdays & Sundays)

Jump aboard our wagon, sit back and enjoy the beautiful view of our crops. We'll tell you about everything we grow and answer your questions too.  Click here for more about our wagon rides!

Nature Trail 

Our beautiful trail runs about 1/2 mile and displays the natural beauty of the outdoors. Learn about 30 different trees growing on our trail and around the market! Kids can do a tree search and earn a FREE treat from Hazel's Kitchen (Located inside the market) if they complete the tree search! The Nature Trail will be open and available to guests from May 21st - Beginning of September. 

The Misty Misters! 

This is a perfect place to cool down on a hot summer day!    

Pedal Cart little girl

Pedal Kart Track 

Take a loop around our track on one of our brand new pedal karts! Climb aboard a John Deere look-alike and race around the track! For kids & adults!  

Fun Farm Facts

Kids will have fun learning about where their fruits and veggies come from with our educational Farm Boards

Tire Climb 

Kids will love climbing up our tractor tire mound and zooming back down on our slide. A sand box surrounds the tire pit for kids to dig and play in.

Corn Kernel Crib

Hop through corn kernels inside our corn silo. It's an original silo that we've transformed into fun for you & your kids! 

Fun Farm Yard Playground 


Enjoy our huge tractor-tire swings, rope ladder, swingset & more!

Duck Races

Old-Fashioned water pumps will shoot your rubber duckies through the cascading water to win the race! (Choose your winning rubber ducky to purchase & take home with you! 

Farm Animals (NEW!)

Visit our Chichens, Ducks, Bunny Rabbits, Donkeys & Goats!  Please Note: Our Farm Animals are free to wonder inside their designated homes as they please.  We hope you do get the opportunity to see them as they freely play, graze and nap inside their homes. However we do not force them into view.  Please be kind and respectful of them and their homes.  Thank-You

U-Pick (Strawberries, Cherries, Blueberries, Peaches & Apples!) 

We offer U-Pick for 5 different crops! U-pick is dependent on the time of season & the weather but typically runs Tuesday - Sunday 11:00am - 5:00pm. Please call before coming out to U-Pick to be sure our crop is ready.  


*Please Take Note* We do not allow any outside food or beverage inside our market or anywhere on the grounds of Stokes Homestead Farm Market with the exception of school field trips & pre-planned community events


PRICES (Not including Sluice, Wagon Ride, Rubber Ducks & Upick)

Fun Farm Yard Pricing: Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 6pm 
- Children: $5.00 Each
- Adults: $2.00 Each
- Children under 2 years old: Free

Activities Include: Jump Pad, Pony Hops, Cow Train Rides, Corn Crib, Tire Climb, Playground, Pedal Kart Track, Misty Mountain, Nature Trail (Tree Scavenger Hunt), Visit our Ducks, Chickens, Rabbits, Donkeys & Goats, Duck Races & Fun Farm Fact Boards

Wagon Ride Pricing: Saturday & Sunday Only, 11am - 5pm

- $2.00 per guest: Click here for more information on our Wagon Rides

Wagon Rides


 Gem Mining sold separately: 

- $7.99 per bag of Mining Rough (Choose from Fossils, Seashells or Gem Stones)

- $11.99 Lucky Strike Family Sized Bag of Gem Mining Rough


 Gem Mining

 Things to Know...

*Fun Yard activities are all outside so please dress according to the weather.  *The Misty Mister provides a fine mist of water to cool off on hot summer days. Typically children will not get soaked unless they are trying to.  *The Jump Pad does get warm on sunny days. We recommend wearing or bringing a pair of socks.  *Please note that after rain fall the Jump Pad, Slides & other activities may be damp. Unfortunatly we can not control the weather.  *The Corn Crib is a lot of fun for all ages. Please remember to take off your shoes and leave all small items such as car keys & other valuables outside of the Corn Crib. The dried corn Kernels in the Corn Crib are dusty from corn dust.  Corn dust will get on your clothes but washes right out.  *Number one thing to Know when visiting our Fun Farm Yard is come prepared to play, interact with nature and have a lot of fun.  We hope to see you soon!